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cesspools, septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, pumping stations and grease control systems all need regular and responsible emptying/ desludging. We can take care of this for you in one of our custom built tankers, we'll also recommend a maintenance schedule and remind you when your next empty/ desludge is due.

There's a difference between emptying and desludging; cesspools, grease traps and pumping stations are emptied where as septic tanks and sewage treatment plants are desludged.

When emptying we remove all of the waste from your system, however, when desludging we only remove the sludge that builds up at the bottom of your system leaving behind the final effluent. This ensures the septicity of the system is maintained and this final effluent is naturally displaced and disbursed in to your soakaway.

Each system will require an empty/ desludge depending on its use, manufacture recommendations and inline with legal requirements. Generally:-

  • a septic tank or sewage treatment plant should be desludged at least once per year;
  • cesspool should be emptied when it is almost full - it should never be allowed to overflow;
  • Pump Station should be emptied every 6 months;
  • a grease trap must be emptied monthly or when it is 25% full (this is a legal requirement).
septic tank desludge

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