Pump Station

A Pump Station is a chamber with electrical pumps installed. They are designed simply to move a body of water (or sewage) uphill or over a distance where gravity is insufficient to provide the required flowrate.

Consisting of a chamber with either single or multiple electric pump units, the Pump Station is tailored to site conditions, automatically monitoring and maintaining a specific flow of waste water over a certain length and height. Pump stations are the most environmentally friendly option available if your property is within 30m of a mains sewer.

Alarms are often fitted to warn of any blockage or failure before a situation may occur.

How **it works

If the mains sewer is below the level of the house, gravity is on your side and the connection is simple.

However, if the mains sewer is above the level of the property it gets a bit more complicated. You'll need a pump to raise the waste to the required level. Here, we'll install a chamber below the level of the house. Waste discharged into the chamber is then automatically pumped out in to the sewer.

Maintaining the system

Pumped mains need to be serviced, desludged and jetted. Some debris will build up in the bottom of the chamber, so you'll need us to come and clear it from time to time. We'll also jet-wash the chamber to remove any build-up on the walls, float controls ans the pump itself.

An alarm can alert you of any problems, but if you don't have one fitted it's best to take a quick look at the chamber every day. The electrics and mechanics will need to be kept in good working order too - we can easily check these for you.

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When it all goes wrong

If you don't get the sludge removed, solids and grits can build up in the chamber and cause damage to the pump. The same goes for jet-washing - it's essential for keeping the pump and float switches working properly. And if the equipment isn't services regularly, the pump itself could fail.

A pump that isn't functioning properly can be bad news. The pump chamber usually holds 24 hours' worth of waste, after which waste will either overflow or back up to the house. Pumps can be repaired or replaced without too much hassle, but you'll need tankers to take waste away until the system's back up and running.